Innova Poultry

Egg Collection System

It contains lift system which reach each tiers by moving up and down.

The body off egg conveyor made of aluminum sheet, consisting of chain and rod, which are electrostatic painted, and lift system bearing the reducer.
• With the elevator lifting system, the eggs are collected from each tier and transported to the requested place and distance. In this way, the eggs can collect with minimum energy.
• As system can be turned 90 + 90 degree with bends, egg cracking is prevented without any transmission and system can be adapted easily for egg collection and grading machines.
• The automatic egg collection conveyor shall be delivered to the egg collection center to be constructed by the purchaser. Such egg collection center is estimated to take part at a distance of
10 mt. at most from the last building. If such distance is exceeded, the price difference shall be requested accordingly.